Samarbejde, deling og digital udvikling i det offentlige.

Samarbejde, udvikling, deling
Om OS2

OS2 in English

OS2 - Public Digitalization Network

A Danish public community that specify, develops and governs digital solutions by municipalities and for municipalities.

OS2 situates itself in the gap between solutions created by or on behalf of government, municipalities or suppliers.

Our focus is:

  • Openness – transparency is key in our open community.
  • Collaboration – we are better and stronger if we unite.
  • Sharing – knowledge and good solutions should not be proprietorial.
  • Digital development – we want to be frontrunners where relevant.
  • IP ownership and open source licenses – prevents vendor lock-in.

How OS2 is organised

OS2 is organised into members (public authorities) and partners (suppliers) who collaborate on creating the best possible digital solutions.

All members are equal and get a vote on the highest decision-making body, the yearly general assembly. In between, the board is the highest decision-making body in OS2.

Daily operations is managed by a full time Business Manager and a Community Manager. Both are founded by a yearly membership fee, currently EUR 3.350 per member (per 1/1/2019).


Download our English materiale

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PDF icon Presentation of OS2 - Slides.pdf (3MB)

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Contact us

Please contact the Business Manager in OS2 if you need more information, have questions or speaking inquiries.