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Om OS2

About Danish OS2 - Public Digitalization Network

Curious about a specific Open Source solution on our website? Or interested in Open Source IT-solutions in the Danish public sector in general?

We are here to help you!


The OS2 network is about specifying, procuring, and governing of digital solutions made by public bodies and for public bodies – in collaboration with private vendors, without vendor-lock in.


Although you are free to use our 23 Open Source IT-solutions, please do consider joining the community and supporting the maintenance and development of the product financially.

You ought to participate if:

  • You need a new digital product.
  • You want to adjust it to your own needs.
  • You wish to share knowledge with others.
  • You want to be free of vendor-lock in.
  • You wish to share the bill with others.



Danish public bodies can join this network with a yearly fee of DKK 25.000, while it is free for vendors. The subscription pays the organisation’s upkeep. Vendors provide new knowledge of technology, development and code-reviews, assistance to implementation as well as hosting, maintenance, and support.

The individual products have their own economy. See the English summary for each IT-solutions on the product pages.


The summary

OS2 is a voluntary network for public organs. The organisation is born on April 24th 2012 when five municipality (Ballerup, Syddjurs, Sønderbog, Ishøj, and Copenhagen) decided to make a structured network together. The aim for OS2 is to assists the public organs’ for IT-solutions, when this is not taken care of in other manners. We do it by gathering local needs and address them together.

Source codes and documentation are on Open Source licences with OS2 as the legal owner of all IP-addresses. Licences are primarily MPL 2.0 for codes and CC BY-SA for anything else.


Today, we have 78 public organs and 68 IT-vendors in our Open Source network.


Do you see yourself in our philosophy?

  • Openness – Transparency is key in our open community.
  • Collaboration – We are better and stronger if we unite.
  • Sharing – Knowledge and good solutions should not be proprietorial.
  • Digital development – We want to be frontrunners where relevant.
  • IP ownership and open source license – Prevents vendor lock-in.


Our governance model

Follow the maturity of a product by looking at the three levels in our governance model. The levels indicate the maturity of the code, documentation, financing model, and more. The governance is the most important method in OS2.


Our economy

OS2 is a member-based organisation with the general assembly as the highest decision-making body. Between general assemblies, the board is the main strategic body.

All members pay a yearly fee to be at part of OS2. If interested, please have a look at our finances (in Danish).

Each IT-solution has its own economy financed by contracts (for development and maintenance) or crowdfunding among the users. You need to make your own support agreement with a vendor.


Curious for more?

Do you have any questions? Contact us on or by phone.

We look forward hearing from you.


Information and contact details

OS2 - Offentligt digitaliseringsfællesskab
c/o Aarhus Kommune
Hack Kampmanns Plads 2
8000 Aarhus C
CVR: 55133018
EAN nummer: 5790000423408


Call the right recipient for your question in first try: Head of Secretariat Rasmus Frey: +45 31 15 45 25 // Community Manager Charlotte Heikendorf: +45 41 84 86 31


Download our English materiale


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