Samarbejde, deling og digital udvikling i det offentlige.

OS2udoglær: English summary

Get happy children and young people while saving time and effort for the child educators and teachers. With OS2udoglær you’ll get a platform for local activities. You can make a set-up so it fits the design in your organisation and it looks integrated in the whole website.

OS2udoglær is a Drupal platform. Open source and user friendly. We advise you to support OS2udoglær financially to support maintenance on the IT-solution. This requires you to sign a letter of intent. By signing, you commit to pay a one-time fee for joining on 15.000 DKK and a yearly fee for maintenance on 40.000 DKK.

What’s next?

Please contact Mie Bjerrisgaard Frydensbjerg, Aarhus Kommune (  or the main secretariat in OS2 at if you have questions.


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